Giulietti Accordion for Sale

January 31, 2013

Giulietti Accordion M-52 model

120 bass, 41 treble
3/4 reeds (LMM)
5/2 switches
17.5” keyboard
19.5 pounds
With hard case and shoulder and back straps.
Black finish

Giulietti make superb accordions. This accordion is in excellent condition both physically and its sound. The instrument has clearly been cared for through its life. I’ve owned it for the past 3 years and have now moved on to a smaller accordion. It has a rich warm tone that the Giulietti is know for. A pleasure to play. Comes with a custom back pad, leather straps and a great back strap.

Happy to answer any questions.


Giulietti Accordion Co. was founded in New York in 1923 by Luigi Giuletti. He had learned his trade with Soprani in Italy, emigrated to the USA in 1914 and co-founded Italo-American; in 1919 he traveled to New York, worked for Galizi for a while.
When Luigi died in 1950, his son Julio Giulietti (circa 1910) took over. He moved the accordion production to Italy by the Seranelli factory, Nylux most recent and notable by Zero Sette Factory. Giulietti Corporation was active until at least 1984, by which time it was located in Westfield, Massachusetts. Julio died in 1996.

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Why wear a back strap?
"This back strap is a must for all accordion players. It supports the mid-back area and removes muscular strain. It maintains your center of gravity in a way which prevents problems in the shoulders, neck, and low back. Your body will thank you for it."

—Dr. Nori Connell, Chiropractor and Music Lover, Tivoli, New York

What users are saying...
"The accordion back strap arrived in today’s mail. It certainly is easy to wear and feels much better than my old back strap with its metal pins digging into me. It also is very easy to adjust while playing.  Great product, Elena! Thanks Chris for including this in your Let’s Polka blog."
—Joe Maniscalco, Fairfax, Virginia

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