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ABS on Let’s Polka

In July of 2009 a wonderful blog about accordions: Let’s Polka (no, it is not ALL about polkas!) blogged about my accordion back straps.

    Elena Erber had trouble finding an easy-to-use back strap that would fit on each of her four accordions. So, like any good entrepreneur . . .  read more

149 Comments January 23, 2010

Sara takes her accordion hiking

Last summer several friends went for a hike in the Berkshires. One of them, a photographer name Maureen Cotton captured another friend, Sara Parrilli, a devoted accordionist, bringing her favorite musical instrument into the woods.

Accordion to Sara, the back strap made both playing hiking easier. This info was corroborated by her friend who was willing to share in the schlepping.

106 Comments January 23, 2010

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Why wear a back strap?
"This back strap is a must for all accordion players. It supports the mid-back area and removes muscular strain. It maintains your center of gravity in a way which prevents problems in the shoulders, neck, and low back. Your body will thank you for it."

—Dr. Nori Connell, Chiropractor and Music Lover, Tivoli, New York

What users are saying...
"The accordion back strap arrived in today’s mail. It certainly is easy to wear and feels much better than my old back strap with its metal pins digging into me. It also is very easy to adjust while playing.  Great product, Elena! Thanks Chris for including this in your Let’s Polka blog."
—Joe Maniscalco, Fairfax, Virginia

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